Where Do You Want to Go?

Developers historically built applications by integrating local system services. This model gave developers access to a rich set of development resources and precise control over how the application behaves. Developers moved beyond this model by building complex n-tier systems that integrate entire applications from all over their networks and add unique value on top. More is needed, however, and the flexibility of XML and the Internet creates the perfect platform to accomplish these goals.

In this chapter we have laid the foundation for using XML in many aspects of enterprise-level solutions. We have introduced you to the specifics that will be covered and carried throughout the book and into the examples. We have also seen a mix of technology and business in the application of these ideas and methods. We know that technology is the main focus for many of the readers, but at the same time, by providing this added insight into the business-side of the equation, we have prepared you to have an understanding beyond just the code you write. We attempted to answer that famous question "But, why?" that so many of us ask day to day.

Chapter 2 begins a section dedicated to discussing the details of XML and implementing it. This includes a refresher on the XML language and exposure to related standards based on XML, as well as applications you might want to consider within your implementations.